The Advancement of Technology and its Effects On The Music Industry

Music has been around the human culture since time unknown. It has blended with every culture in such a way that it has taken different forms in different areas. Some people like it by the beats, some by the bass and some by the treble. The only thing common is that they all groove to the tunes of it. But soon it was turned into a commercial product, and people started recording their works in Polyvinyl Chloride (aka vinyl).

Since then it reached the large audiences and as many radio stations started playing the works of the musician, more fame it collected and more popular it became. The revenues gave birth to an industry, and the industry began developing artists and promoting their works. It was all happy and good as different talents joined, earning the music industry its name and huge fan following.

Good side of Technology and Music

As the technology improved and a series of advancements were made, electric drums and guitars and violin started popping up to the scene. Many leading musicians started using these technologies to produce clearer and more excellent music. Music industry profited from it, and the production companies began eyeing earning in millions.

The technology has helped a lot in making small studios which are equipped with hi-tech facilities for faster processing of sounds and more rapid creation of music with high-quality recordings. The technology was radical in the immense growth of this industry which kept on reaching higher heights every passing year.But as all good things come to an end, music industry started experiencing losses.

Technology The Half evil

Music Industry

The born of this new millennia bought forward huge advancements in technology. The social media was born, and in a few years, it gained such popularity that it engulfed people lives into it. People started joining in and connecting with others forming a huge community while sharing their cultures and traditions with each other.

Along with culture, everything got shared and so did music as well. The music industry benefited from it as now they could reach a huge number of audiences in a concise period which brought the immense popularity of their work and gained huge revenues in return. Along with the sharing other things like photos and videos, the file sharing of music also took place and music was shared from one person to another free of cost, to be precise the cost of the internet connection.

The hard work and revenues spent by the producer and the musician were all going to vain as the number of actual purchasers of the album was going down ways. One would purchase, and thousands would share, thus reducing thousands of customers at once. “iTunes” the largest music store in the country also started selling individual tracks from the album while making people stop buying the album altogether. Nowadays good tracks are mostly found in mixes rather their original album, and there are very few individuals who buy an album now.

The music industry suffered a huge loss as the profit fell by 60 percent last year. The advancement of technology has gone beyond its control, and though the are huge steps taken to curb this free sharing of music, there are still ways on the internet where one could easily find the latest music for free, without spending a single penny! Well literally.


Advantages in Building Mobile Apps for Your Business

Business mobile app use is on the rise so there is a growing demand for individuals who have the capacity to sell this innovative marketing tool to business ownersTo harness the power of mobile devices for the benefit and growth of your business is a step towards the right direction if your business is to flourish. With consumers relying on their mobile devices for almost every activity, it would be a waste for your business not to take advantage of this mobile revolution, especially since businesses, small to large, are going online and mobile, with the help of the web and mobile applications.

Mobile applications that can help you conduct business or at least get your message out to the mobile community are a must if you want your business to remain competitive in this constantly evolving, technology-driven world. The following are only some of the 4 ways your business can benefit from having a mobile app:

Managing customer relationships

Mobile apps can help you manage customer relationships with more ease – With a custom app, you can access all available information about your clients and make contact with them through emails, link calls, events, meetings, and other such activities. It is also easier to send updates and promotions through a mobile app, giving your customers first-hand information about your newest products and services. This is the most cost-effective way to market than any other digital marketing scheme. It targets the right audience who is interested in your business/services.

Access to important documents and schedule

Mobile applications give you access to important documents and schedules on the move – This is particularly important when you or your team members are constantly on the move. To synchronize your mobile phone with your database, whether it be from a desktop computer or a cloud server is very beneficial whenever you need to retrieve documents, check on tasks, and consult calendars for schedules while on the move. These kinds of programs are also an efficient means to discreetly collect data from various sources. Ensuring that your mobile employees or team members have timely and accurate data is also a huge benefit of using mobile applications.

More efficiency payments

Mobile applications help process payments more efficiently – Programs that take care of the e-commerce aspect of your business also help process payments via credit and debit cards more quickly. This is especially beneficial for companies that don’t have conventional storefronts or operate just on the web.

Recordation of and access to digital files

Mobile applications allow easy recordation of and access to digital files – Significant files and information can be gathered, organized in databases, and accessed with the help of custom mobile applications.

Brand Creation

Over 92% of grown-up claim some sort of a keen gadget and over half of that hail the cell phone as their essential go-to interchanges and inquiry device. A shrewd business considers this to be monstrous chances of marking and showcasing. Over 65% of the cell phone proprietors recognize active engagement with organizations through apps and mobile pursuits. In case you’re a business, this is a major market statistic accessible to be focused on and what superior to a mobile app to run with


The Complete Guide on How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

CPUs are evolving at an incredible pace, bringing as they do several problems to deal with. Now, prices aside, it’s overheating that we’ll talk about. As manufacturers attempt to alter the architecture and make the most use out of the energy. The problem is still a persistent one.

How serious is overheating for your laptop?

What’s big about this problem, is the fact that it can go from just slowing down your operating speed ( technically slowing down the clock speed) all the way up to melting the interior components of your device. This is why the problem can’t be taken lightly. It’s fair to say that there are several handy things to do to either avoid the problem or reduce its impact.

Software solutions:

1. CPU monitoring applications:

For starters, you can monitor the CPU’s temperature using a monitoring application. There are quite many out there, and they offer detailed information about the CPU’s condition. This way, if you’re in no urgent use of your laptop, you can easily avoid its overheating by shutting it down and letting it rest.

2.Background process cleanup:

Now, of course, that might not be a valid solution for all purposes. So a more software based solution is shutting down all unnecessary processes running in the background. Software makers just love having their Softwares always in use, regardless of whether you need them or not. As a result, you’d get a bunch of programs cutting down the performance, and while you can turn a blind eye to that, the CPU just can’t. That’s why it’s always better to control your start-up processes, as you can find them in the task manager. That way once the OS starts, only the handful programs that you need to use will be running.

3.Decreasing screen brightness:

A simple software solution is reducing the screen’s brightness. It’s not just battery-saving, but the less operating energy used, the less overheating done. It’s an easy and quick approach, but it’s not guaranteed to solve the problem as overheating might be due to something more serious.

Software aside, there are a few hardware solutions as well that might do the trick for you.

Hardware approaches:

1. Optimizing the internal cooling system:

Quite often, your laptop’s internal cooling system would be jammed by the amount of dust it accumulated over time. Over time, layers of dust and particles would form over the fans and their movements become quite heavy. That’s why regular careful cleaning would help the internal cooling system to always be in shape and perform at its best.

2. The surface underneath matters:

The surface you’re placing the laptop on also matters, quite a lot. As most of the laptops suck in the air from the bottom, the surface underneath plays a critical role. A hard and flat surface would keep a steady air flow in and out, while a soft one like pillows and blankets would choke your laptop.

3. External coolers:

The last hardware sanctuary would be buying a cooling pad. They serve as external cooling sources, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and functionalities. Some even use freon-cooling which is not always needed, but sometimes if the laptop is behaving like an oven that would be the suitable option.

One thing to be careful about, though, is the laptop’s air sucking mechanism. Getting the wrong cooling pad would be another nail in the coffin. Laptops differ on whether they suck air in or push air out, and coolers differ accordingly. The only downfall to external coolers is the fact that they increase the laptop’s size since they become an indispensable extension of the laptop.

twitter advertising

How to to Increase your Twitter Advertising Strategy

Do you rely on Twitter for most of your marketing? Would you love to get more people engaged and respond to your tweets? The basics of increasing visibility and encourage engagement on Twitter is by knowing how to write tweets and the timing of publishing them. We shall go ahead and discuss eight necessary tips to have better tweets.

Tips to increase your twitter advertising strategy:

No Unnecessary links to the Tweets

Lots of research have found that when you publish tweets without links, then it attracts more engagement. This is because not very tweet has to include a link. If you are too generous with links, then when you have important links to share people won’t be eager to see them. Twitter is the greatest platform to create relationships with your followers, who are possible clients. Therefore, when you tweet few links, the followers will take more interested in the ones you tweet.

Hashtags.Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are important to a tweet as they add context to it, but don’t overdo with hashtags. There are tools that can help to find the right hashtags for your tweets. Hashtagify and Rite Tag are excellent tools, you simply just type the topic and let it search. They give you results of the most relevant and popular hashtags you can use.

Shared Links to Have Images.

Any tweet that has an image or images, attracts a lot more engagement than tweets without images. This is because the human eyes are attracted more by visuals. Again, there are tools that can assist to get images that will suit any tweet. Twishot is an online image search tool that browses the internet and finds images you can use to share a link.

Use Proper Format when Tweeting.

Even in tweeting, you need to follow a format just like when constructing a sentence. Always begin with the text then add the link. If you have mentions, then include them ‘@mention’. Don’t make the mistake many do by using @mentions first, that tweet will only be seen by the @mentions you have chosen. Finally put in your hashtags and images.

Add to Quoted Tweets.

Twitter now has a great new ‘Quote Tweet’ function that gives you 116 characters when you retweet. The quoted tweet takes up the space of a link in your retweet. When you retweet another person’s tweet don’t just paraphrase, give it a new context. Add your own opinion or a new angle to provoke more engagements.


Time waits for no man. Always ensure you know where your follows are in the world to identify the peak times when people read tweets. On Twitter, there is, ‘Twitter Analytics’, click on the tab named ‘Audiences’ and then scroll to ‘Country’. Once you have identified where the majority of your followers are located, go to Tweroid. This is a tool that lets you know the peak times that your tweet can be read in various countries.

Don’t Re-invent The Tweet.

At times it is just as simple as tweeting the same tweet several times without followers know it’s the same. On the same Twitter Analytics, you can find out which of your tweets got a lot of engagements. Once you find the tweet, then identify what elements are in the tweet. Use the same elements to create another tweet.

Create Content From People.

The beauty about Twitter is that you can create a Twitter lists so that you can see other people’s tweets. Find people on Twitter who share the same content that you believe your followers can also consume. Add them to your Twitter list and keep checking what they have tweeted, then retweet what you want.

Anyone can write a tweet, but not all tweets get seen or gain lots of engagement. Just like any marketing strategy, Twitter marketing requires you to follow the elements. It also requires that you do lots of studies so that you can be relevant.