The Advancement of Technology and its Effects On The Music Industry


Music has been around the human culture since time unknown. It has blended with every culture in such a way that it has taken different forms in different areas. Some people like it by the beats, some by the bass and some by the treble. The only thing common is that they all groove to the tunes of it. But soon it was turned into a commercial product, and people started recording their works in Polyvinyl Chloride (aka vinyl).

Since then it reached the large audiences and as many radio stations started playing the works of the musician, more fame it collected and more popular it became. The revenues gave birth to an industry, and the industry began developing artists and promoting their works. It was all happy and good as different talents joined, earning the music industry its name and huge fan following.

Good side of Technology and Music

As the technology improved and a series of advancements were made, electric drums and guitars and violin started popping up to the scene. Many leading musicians started using these technologies to produce clearer and more excellent music. Music industry profited from it, and the production companies began eyeing earning in millions.

The technology has helped a lot in making small studios which are equipped with hi-tech facilities for faster processing of sounds and more rapid creation of music with high-quality recordings. The technology was radical in the immense growth of this industry which kept on reaching higher heights every passing year.But as all good things come to an end, music industry started experiencing losses.

Technology The Half evil

Music Industry

The born of this new millennia bought forward huge advancements in technology. The social media was born, and in a few years, it gained such popularity that it engulfed people lives into it. People started joining in and connecting with others forming a huge community while sharing their cultures and traditions with each other.

Along with culture, everything got shared and so did music as well. The music industry benefited from it as now they could reach a huge number of audiences in a concise period which brought the immense popularity of their work and gained huge revenues in return. Along with the sharing other things like photos and videos, the file sharing of music also took place and music was shared from one person to another free of cost, to be precise the cost of the internet connection.

The hard work and revenues spent by the producer and the musician were all going to vain as the number of actual purchasers of the album was going down ways. One would purchase, and thousands would share, thus reducing thousands of customers at once. “iTunes” the largest music store in the country also started selling individual tracks from the album while making people stop buying the album altogether. Nowadays good tracks are mostly found in mixes rather their original album, and there are very few individuals who buy an album now.

The music industry suffered a huge loss as the profit fell by 60 percent last year. The advancement of technology has gone beyond its control, and though the are huge steps taken to curb this free sharing of music, there are still ways on the internet where one could easily find the latest music for free, without spending a single penny! Well literally.