Features to Look for in the Top Audio Interfaces

You might need a new audio interface if you want to improve an existing one or you plan to start a new home studio. However, shopping for a new audio interface could be very confusing because of the high number of options available, each one is designed to meet the requirements of a particular studio type.

For instance, a pro studio that demands dozens of INs / OUTs may need a few interfaces costing more than $4000 each, while a small studio may manage just with a cheap $100 audio interface. Even for the experienced, it might be difficult to match the right studio with the right interface. Here are some tips to help you choose.

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Laptops for music production

All-inclusive Guide on the Best Laptops for Music Production

In today’s digital world, computers have become the backbone of any music production setup. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, you need is to find a computer with the right mix of specs. In this article, we have summarized for you on how to compose orchestral music on computer along with an all-inclusive guide to aid in your purchasing decision.

Choosing Music Computers: Laptops vs. desktops

Laptop computers to produceAlthough laptops have overtaken desktops, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to choose a desktop rather than a laptop. First, a desktop computer offers great customization option. This means you can add extra hard drives, RAM, and video cards. Secondly, desktops have a higher processing power than laptops since they are larger and have more space for internal components. They come with sophisticated inputs and outputs to keep up with your music needs. The only drawback with desktop computers is that they are not easy to carry around. Since portability is a must in the world of music, you should look for the best laptops for music production. One of the biggest deciding factors, whether to go for a laptop or a desktop, is whether you are planning to travel. Continue reading All-inclusive Guide on the Best Laptops for Music Production

Complete Guide to Buying a New Laptop

When picking out a laptop, the first thing people tend to notice is that not all laptops are created equal. With so many models to choose from and so many technical terms to attempt to understand, it’s no wonder people have trouble deciding what to buy. However, the process need not be so complicated, and once you determine a few key things, the choice becomes clear.

Choosing the OS for your Laptop

The first thing to do is decide which operating system is right for you. Windows is a mid priced OS for which most software is developed and which has the most backward compatibility of any of the three most commercially available operating systems. It’s a good all-around choice, especially if you want control over all possible settings on your computer, including traditionally automated functions. If you’re a software developer, programmer, gamer, or just a tech junkie, this is the choice for you.

How to Buy New LaptopLaptop Functionality

If you need a computer for work or school and not much else, and you’re not too tech savvy, then a Mac is what you should pick. Macs rarely get viruses and automatically handle most functions; and while the software available is more limited compared to other companies, it’s by far the most user-friendly.

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The Complete Guide on How to Fix an Overheating Laptop

CPUs are evolving at an incredible pace, bringing as they do several problems to deal with. Now, prices aside, it’s overheating that we’ll talk about. As manufacturers attempt to alter the architecture and make the most use out of the energy. The problem is still a persistent one.

How serious is overheating for your laptop?

What’s big about this problem, is the fact that it can go from just slowing down your operating speed ( technically slowing down the clock speed) all the way up to melting the interior components of your device. This is why the problem can’t be taken lightly. It’s fair to say that there are several handy things to do to either avoid the problem or reduce its impact. Continue reading The Complete Guide on How to Fix an Overheating Laptop