Midi Controller

Music Producer’s Guide on Selecting MIDI Keyboard Controller

Over the past several years, the use of virtual instruments has increased, both in a studio and on stage. Due to this growth, MIDI keyboard controllers have become an important part of the music-making process. In this article, we’ll discuss some factors to consider when purchasing a MIDI keyboard controller.

What is a MIDI Keyboard Controller?

A keyboard controller has piano or synth-style keys as well as knobs, buttons, and sliders. Its purpose is to transmit MIDI data to external synthesizers, computer software synthesizers, or sequencers. Most keyboard controllers cannot make sound themselves, but almost any keyboard synthesizer can be used to control other devices.

In the 1980s, the synth was king. During that time, the MIDI specification was created. One of its functions was to allow live musicians to control multiple synthesizers with one keyboard. It was highly successful, and today many musicians use MIDI controllers. From studio musicians to sound designers, from songwriters to live performers, many people can benefit from the MIDI keyboard controller’s flexibility. This versatility as well the MIDI keyboard controller’s portability are substantial advantages. They allow the user to access a huge range of modern music hardware and software, while often being small enough to fit in a bag.
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Portable Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

The Best Portable Bluetooth Travel Speakers Buying Guide

Buying the best outdoor bluetooth speakers┬ácan be quite tricky. You’ve got to worry about so many variables such as compatibility, sound quality, portability among others. It is, therefore, necessary for you to have a guide that will help you get the speakers worth your money.

To avoid getting stuck on a beautiful beach or under a rainy tent with a pair of new wireless speakers that can’t play any music, you should check the compatibility of your speakers with your phone. Many wireless speakers use Bluetooth to connect with phones because Bluetooth uses a much lesser power consumption as compared to the others such as Wi-Fi. Some phones, though, may prove difficult with Bluetooth connections. So, it is safer for you to check out your speakers first and, more importantly, try to find some that have an auxiliary code. Continue reading The Best Portable Bluetooth Travel Speakers Buying Guide


The Advancement of Technology and its Effects On The Music Industry

Music has been around the human culture since time unknown. It has blended with every culture in such a way that it has taken different forms in different areas. Some people like it by the beats, some by the bass and some by the treble. The only thing common is that they all groove to the tunes of it. But soon it was turned into a commercial product, and people started recording their works in Polyvinyl Chloride (aka vinyl).

Since then it reached the large audiences and as many radio stations started playing the works of the musician, more fame it collected and more popular it became. The revenues gave birth to an industry, and the industry began developing artists and promoting their works. It was all happy and good as different talents joined, earning the music industry its name and huge fan following. Continue reading The Advancement of Technology and its Effects On The Music Industry